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BADLAND is one of the most downloaded loved and download android adventure game. Want to take a trip to an adventure land? BADLAND will take you to a land of adventure full of copious trees, inhabitants, flowers and surprises. It is an award-winning side-scrolling action adventure game set beautifully in a stunning forest. You may fly over the forest thinking of it as a beautiful fairy tale land but actually it is not! There is something terrible waiting for you. The player in the game manages one of the forest occupants to find out what exactly the story behind the forest and discovers number of surprising traps and barriers on the way through forest. Let’s see what the features of the game are:


Main Features of BADLAND apk includes:

  1. Outstanding physics-based gameplay that takes the side-scrollers to the next level with amazing graphics, sound and stunning atmosphere.
  2. It features three modes of playing; Single Player, Multiplayer and Co-operative Mode. The Single Player Mode contains 100 exclusive levels till now and will increase in future. The Multiplayer mode contains 23 levels presently and will increase in future updates and lastly the Co-operative Mode which is allowed for up to four players.
  3. BADLAND APK is compatible with Android Smartphone, Android TV and Tablet.
  4. “One-touch control system combined with new level design”.
  5. BADLAND supports Immersive Mode & Cloud Save.
  6. Level Editor: One can create new levels through the level editor, can share it to their companions and play.
  7. Level World: Unlimited number of new levels to play all the time.
  8. In coming updates more levels and contents will add.

Badland official Trailer:

BADLAND New Release Modification

The latest update of BADLAND is the in-game LEVEL EDITOR. Through the level editor one can create their own BADLAND levels by amending the official level starting from scratch. You can also publish and share the levels with your companion worldwide. Play the levels you have created and rate the levels from other players. The latest modification of the game has also added an “ever-evolving Eternal Day” where every week a player will be chosen who have created best level to take part in the official game progress and the level will get featured in the main menu for other players.

Update: Regular update of the game includes increment of levels, improvement of gameplay, content addition and bug fixing.

The award-winning BADLAND has become a must-download game for everyone who loves to play. BADLAND APK is very easy to download from this site. To download the APK you just need to click on the download option given below.

Game at a glance: