Colopl Rune Story APK Download Latest 1.0.56 version 23/3/16 Colopl Rune Story.apk

Colopl Rune Story apk

Colopl Rune Story APK: Colopl Rune Story is an ultimate action-role game that presents a fascinating story with an intriguing gameplay. The players of the game can uncover some ancient mysterious runes that fell from sky centuries ago. The journey of the game starts with the flying island Astora and ends to a position where no one has reached ever before; that is to the World’s End.

Colopl Rune Story APK Game Play :

Apart from the mysterious story, the game has more than 1,000 challenging missions to complete, over 100 different exciting characters to play and over thousands of weapon arrangement to fight with. You will have to unlock each unique characters plus weapon combinations within six different classes such as Warrior, Fencer, Brawler, Sniper, Lancer and Mage. The game also let you can build your own town to harvest food and goods for your team and to provide training to your fighters and be a hero of the town. Now let’s explore what are the main features of the gameplay:

Colopl Rune Story apk

Main Features of Colopl Rune Story APK:

  1. Mysterious story to make the gameplay appealing and intriguing for the player.
  2. Amazing graphics and Sound co-ordinations.
  3. Real-Time Co-Op Action RPG to perform combo attacks and beat daily puzzles.
  4. Guild system to encourage fight with Bosses and increase Guild points through co-op quests.
  5. More than 100 characters and thousands of weapon combination to make the gameplay more interesting.
  6. Compatible with iOS and Android and free to download worldwide.

New Release Modifications

Colopl Rune Story introduces lots of new and interesting characters in the game. These includes:

  1. A new character class named Dual Blade is added. You can try some special sweet ninja moves with this character if you want to.
  2. Some global characters are added such as Ninja and Samurai.
  3. The players will get to visit an astonishing ‘Edo Island’ and discover the antique places of that Island as well as they have to face some exciting challenges with new monsters.
  4. You can raise the level of your characters with your fingertips.

Update: Regular update includes bug fixing and improvement of gameplay.

Colopl Runes Story is an amalgamation of mystery, action, city-building, RPG and lots of excitement. By playing the game with your dedication you can reveal all the mystery behind it and become a legendary hero. The game is free to download from here. Just click on the download link and play the game whenever you want to.