Cut The Rope Full APK Download Latest 2.6.5 Version 4/28/16 of Cut The Rope Full-APK

Cut The Rope Full APK

Download Cut The Rope Full APK: Cut The Rope Full has reached 750 million worldwide and why not?  It is one of the most interesting and award winning game from “Om Nom Stories”. The game has been rewarded with many game awards including Apple Design Award, Pocket Gamer Award, BAFTA Award, GDC Award, Best App Ever Award etc. The game offers a mysterious gameplay to the players with a little monster name “Om-Nom” that have only one demand which is CANDY. You have to feed him as much as candies you can by cutting the rope exactly at the right place to drop the candy in Om-Nom’s mouth.

That is not the end of the story; you will get many complex problems based on physics as you pass each level that you have to solve. You can collect gold stars, unlock numerous thrilling strange levels and Cut The Rope Full APKexplore new hidden prizes that will make your experience of gameplay a level higher.  There are many exciting features of the game available, let’s see what these are:

Key Features of the Game Cut The Rope Full APK Includes:

  1. Physics Based Gameplay
  2. It has 425 levels and 17 boxes
  3. Great graphics, excellent music and entertaining animation of “Om Nom Stories”
  4. Amazing characters
  5. Superpowers to improve the candies and boost your score.

Cut The Rope Full APK Official Trailer: 


New Release Modification

The new Cut The Rope Full Free offers a lot more features to the gameplay. The candies are sweeter than before- Om Nom eats the candies with more pleasure. New levels have been added and the gameplay have been improvised.

Update: Regular updates include bug fixing and improvement of gameplay.

Cut the Rope is a very sweet but challenging Android game that no one should miss to play. If you want to master in this physics-based gameplay, you have to download the APK in your mobile or tablet. Cut The Rope Full Free APK  is very simple, just go to the download link and give a simple click and you are done.

  1. Cut The Rope Full APK Download Latest 2.6.5 Version 4/28/16