DEAD TRIGGER 2 APK Download Latest Version 4/1/16


DEAD TRIGGER 2 APK Download: Dead Trigger 2 is an action adventure first-person survival horror android game. Player takes part to save the world from zombie warfare. Every living person is fighting for survival but when things get out of control everyone is joining the fight for ultimate epic survival battle.  Player can take part in the online tournament and win exciting prizes and get currency from oil fields. Hours of enjoyment in really long marathon sessions or a short burst. The story features when a global zombie apocalypse takes place and every living being is fighting a war for survival. Dead Effect 2 is evolving every time we see a new game. Every update feature newly made contents soDEAD TRIGGER 2 APK that we enjoy our gameplay.


Players can travel across to 10 regions which lies in different parts of the world. The game has 33 new environments as well as 37 new different kinds of weapons are indroduced. Players can enjoy 600 plus gameplay scenarios. There are tournaments held for real prizes which players can gain. Graphics is much more advanced and detailed in every way. Texture of environments are amazing and looks almost real. Players can choose between touching control scheme which has been created solely for casual players. Dead trigger also supports MOGA.  Players can take part in global resistance and play along with them. Players can tune to stay informed mode as the game progresses. Players can enjoy many operations like story, side quests and global missions. Players can explore their own personal hideout meet with other like Gunsmith, Scientist, Engineer and Smuggler. These NPC’s may help players provide new gadgets and weapons. Game is very original and full of fun.

Key Features:

  • Massive, content continuously updated and stories are always evolving.
  • There are tournaments for real prizes.
  • Realistic graphics.
  • ” Real-time Story progression”.
  • Players can access their hideout.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 APK official trailer:

What’s New:

  • Special Christmas Decorations and Gift available.
  • New Tournaments available.
  • Duel Tournaments available Players can choose sides


DEAD TRIGGER 2 APK Download Latest Version 4/1/16

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