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Defender II APK

Defender II APK is one of the most challenging defending strategy games out there. If you are waiting for an ultimate action game with lots of fights and powers, then here it is. Defender II is a very powerful and strategic tower defense game that can bring you the ultimate pleasure of an action gameplay. The game has come up with numerous features, modes and waves of monsters making it a real battlefield. The enemies are even stronger attacking your fortress with all power. They fight very hard, move very fast and never surrender themselves. On the other hand, to help the Defender fight with enemies there are additional powers like Lava Moat, City Wall, Mana, Magic Towers and many more. The Defender II offers 2 Game Modes to the player where you can play alone in Local Mode or you can play with your companion in Battle Mode. Let’s explore what are main features of the game:


Defender II APK for Android Obtain Features Like

  1. A very fun to play action game with imaginative monsters.
  2. Attractive graphics and animation help to concentrate on the game.
  3. Defender II APK is fully compatible with Google TV.
  4. It features 2 Game Modes; Local Mode and Battle Mode to expand gameplay.
  5. Numerous upgrades available.
  6. Option for shooting arrows using touch screen or using Joypad.
  7. Lava Moat to burn the enemies once they are dropped.
  8. Magic Tower is featured to cast spells and to attack the monsters magically.
  9. City Wall: You can boost your health points upgrading the City Wall.
  10. Huge weapons, power shots, agility are featured to increase power of the defender.

Defender II APK Update: Update includes enhancement of the gameplay and fixing the errors.

Defender II is a pleasurable tower defence action game that can be played unaccompanied in Local Mode or you can enter into Battle Mode by adding your friends online. Defender II APK is very easy from here. You need to just click on the download link and you can play the game anytime you want without signing in to Google Play.

Note: Be careful with the play! Your competitor will get stronger, harder and faster. As you complete a stage, new and stronger Bosses will come to you. So, fight hard and win the battle. Download Defender II APK right below and start experiencing an amazing game.

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