Dream of Pixels APK Download Latest 1.08 Version 1/14/14 of Dream of Pixels APK

Dream of Pixels APK

Dream of Pixels APK Download:

Dream of Pixels app is one of the most interesting falling blocks puzzle game. As we all are aware of the fact different online and offline games are flooding the computer as well as the mobile worlds. Some of the games are designed for both computer and mobiles. The games like the different puzzle games are very common in the mobiles these days. The puzzle game like the Dream of Pixels is one of the most popular games. In this game the beautiful falling blocks are involved and are a combination of the old and classic Tetromino blocks having a fine twist. You have to clear the lines from the cloudy grid with super speed or else your game is over. The mesmerizing grid can be spun to unpack the Tetromino blocks and play the puzzle games.


Before you choose Dream of Pixels APK  to Download, go through the features

Some of the silent features of Features of Dream of Pixels:

  • Enjoy unpacking the lines on the falling blocks and experience the twists.
  • Experience the 5 modes of the game like Classic, Pro, Puzzle, Nightmare and the Shattered Dream.
  • The ever-changing visuals will fill your mind with goodness.
  • You can slow down, relax and think in the Zen puzzle mode.
  • The visual experience will be enhanced with the matching and amazing music.

Dream of Pixels APK game Play:

The 5 game modes are altogether different from one other and are equally challenging and exciting phases. Like in the Classic mode the basic puzzle unpacking tricks are there whereas in the Puzzle mode, there is no descending grid or no time limits are there among the 50 or more puzzles. In the Pro and the Shattered Dream modes, the basic and the Classic mode but in the former the game starts at level 9 and in the later, there are randomly holes placed in the grid. The 5th one or the Nightmare mode is filled with challenges from the first where the floating blocks are seen that must be cleared as soon as possible for winning the game.

New in Latest Version of Dream of Pixels APK:

In the new modifications the Bug Fixes are added in the game that can help to play the game smoothly.

Are you still thinking about Dream of Pixels APK Download? Stop thinking and download the game from the link below and enjoy unravel the block puzzles.

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