Elite Killer SWAT APK Download Latest 1.3.0 version 6/23/16 Elite Killer SWAT.apk


Elite Killer SWAT APK Download: Elite Killer SWAT is a third person action shooter android game. Players assume the role of a member of special weapons and tactics who is an elite killer and players have to fight against a terrorist organisation. This game is presented in a third person view where player can not only see their character but also weapons and equipments the player character is carrying. Players will get a free vision over their surroundings with an exciting gameplay.

Elite Killer SWAT APK Gameplay:

Players will get to engage in battle with lots and lots of enemies, some sniping him and some with assault rifles. Players can choose from an arsenal of weapons like assault rifles, launchers, sub-machines, pistols, shotguns, etc. Players can also carry resources like grenade, flashbang, emp devices and many more. Medikit is also available for the players to use. Players can snipe their enemies, stealth kill them or engage in assault war. Enemies have better AI than other old games of Gameloft. Players will get lots of mission which they will have to navigate all around the globe along with lots of secret missions. Players aim is to eradicate an evil syndicate organisation who threaten the peace of the world. Players can also engage in melee combat with enemies. Modify your weapons and upgrade them and raise hell on enemies.

Elite Killer SWAT APKKey Features:

  • Game has amazing 3D graphics which makes the game look almost real.
  • Action sequence are amazing and players can also take cover behind an obstacle.
  • There are more than 30+ weapons within the game each with its unique features.
  • There are also more than 100 challenging levels to test your skills.
  • Players can play solo missions or engage in a multiplayer PvP battle.

What’s New:

  • Some minor bugs have been fixed.
  • New update has made PvP online multiplayer more challenging for any player.

Elite Killer SWAT APK Download Latest 1.3.0 version 6/23/16

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Elite Killer: SWAT
Elite Killer: SWAT
Developer: CanadaDroid
Price: Free+


Game at a Glance:

  • Developers: CanadaDroid.
  • Genre: Third-person action shooter.
  • Last Updated: March 23, 2016.
  • Current Version: 1.3.0.
  • Requires Android: 2.1 and up
  • In-app Purchases: $1.10-95.8