Galaxy on Fire 2 hd APK Download 2.0.11 Version 7/7/16

Galaxy on Fire 2 hd APK

Download Galaxy on Fire 2 HD APK: The multi-award-winning game Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD is a sci-fi saga which is a great simulation of space war and trading. Fishlab Entertainment has made some wonderful changes on the HD version of the game by adding revolutionary 3D graphics, rich and sound design and extraordinary depth of gameplay. Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD has crossed over 10 millions on mobiles and tablets. Moreover, thousands of delirious reviews by media and its fans proofs that Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD is one of the level best sci-fi games so far.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Gameplay:

In the game the player will get to play the role of Keith.T Maxwell, Galaxy on Fire 2 hd APKthe hero who is a space war expert and saves the galaxy from a drastic destruction by the hands of merciless, power-crazy alien burglars. The main game is of 10+ hours but you can continue the action adventure by unlocking two story add-ons such as Valkyrie™ and Supernova™ that grants you with more new mission and contents. There is lot more things are there in the game, let’s move into the features first:

There are a hundreds of unique features in Galaxy on Fire 2 HD the game but the primary features of the game include:

  1. An extremely interesting game with 3D sound, 3D graphics and full voice-acting in English and German.
  2. World class visuals with superior background images and high-quality resolutions.
  3. The game shows a huge galaxy with over 100 planets, more than 30 star systems and space stations.
  4. Hundreds of unique weapons, over 50 spaceships that are customizable, lots of power-ups and more than 170 different space commodities.
  5. Google Play Game Services to share achievements and leaderboards.
  6. An incredible gameplay with nice storyline, exciting missions.
  7. The game is developed to support numerous resolutions of more than 200 Android Smartphones and Tablets.
  8. Galaxy on Fire 2 hd APK is compatible in iOS and PCs.

Galaxy on Fire 2 hd APK Official Trailer: 

Update: The regular update of the game includes minor bug fixing and gameplay improvement.

Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD is an ultimate space and trade action game that is perfectly designed to hook a player with the gameplay for hours. Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD is completely free and you can install the game on your Android mobile (Android 3.0 or higher) from here. Just click on the download link to get the APK on your mobile.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD APK Download Latest 2.0.11 Version 7/7/16 

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Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD
Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD
Developer: Deep Silver
Price: Free+

App At a glance:

  • Latest Version – 2.0.11
  • Updated – July 7, 2015
  • Requires Android – 4.0 and up
  • In-app Products – $ 1 – 50