Simplest hassle free method to get WhatsApp on your tablet

get WhatsApp on your tablet

How to get WhatsApp on your tablet: When everyone is moving with technology, why should you stay behind? In the busy schedule of human life, no one is getting any time for socializing or no one is socializing as they are busy with social media is a matter of debate, but staying apart on the move is not a good choice. In today’s world, among the different types of social media get WhatsApp on your tabletapplications, the WhatsApp is the most widely used one that is mainly used for chatting through texts, sending images and videos and also for audio calling. This application is a must in today’s life, whether it is a personal field or in the professional field.

Mostly the mobile phones of the latest models are either installed with the WhatsApp application or are compatible with the app. But after being popular in the smart phones and other mobile versions, the computers are also facilitated with the application by installing easily. But unfortunately, the Tablets which are a mediator version of the smart phones and the Personal Computers are devoid of the facility to install the WhatsApp application.

So are you thinking about how to get WhatsApp on your tablet?

There are some methods for solving the problem by which the WhatsApp can be installed in the Tablets. Those are very complex methods. But everyone searches for easier methods and this is the right page where you will get the best and easiest methods to get WhatsApp on your tablet.

What you require for creating the WhatsApp account on your tablet?

Some preliminary and basic requirements are there without which, using the WhatsApp account is just impossible. To use WhatsApp on your tablet, you must fulfill the requirements mentioned below:

  • The most important is the need of a phone number. If you want to add a new account in your tablet apart from the account you are using in your smart phone, you need an get WhatsApp on your tablet add phone numberadditional phone number.
  • After getting a SIM card, you must insert that in your handset to copy all the contacts.

Now you are almost ready for getting the application on your tablet where you need to follow some small steps to install the app in the tablet.

The steps to follow to get WhatsApp on your tablet:

  1. First of all download the latest desktop version of the WhatsApp.apk! Then you have to select the Android download and the APK file will be downloaded in your tablet.
  2. You have to ensure that the installation from unknown sources is enabled in your system otherwise you will miss the APKs those are not downloaded directly from the Google Play. One point you must take care for security purposes. When you download anything, you must be aware of the same, otherwise you must disable the settings of unknown sources options after installing the app.
  • Now you can install the WhatsApp APK on your tablet.
  1. The next step is that of launch the application and then to follow the given instructions. You will be instructed to give a phone number and then you have to authenticate the number either automatically or by using the code via text message sent on your phone number.
  2. After this you can set your WhatsApp account normally.

Now it’s ready to use the WhatsApp on your tablet similar to that in the Android phones. Apart from the method described above to download the most popular short and instant messaging application, you may use the application that you are using in the android phones in your new tablet.

  • For that you do not have to follow the above steps rather you have to download the desktop version of the WhatsApp application on your tablet.
  • Then you will get a QR code and you have to follow the instructions given there, along with the scanning through your phone.


After this you are ready to use the application from your tablet which you are using from the mobile. Now the application can be operated both from the phone as well as the tablet. When you get WhatsApp on your tablet, enjoy the fun and texting with your WhatsApp contacts easily.