Gods of Rome APK Download Latest 1.2.1b version 5/24/16 Gods of Rome.apk

Gods of Rome APK

Gods of Rome APK Download: Gods of Rome is an action fighting game which takes place in an ancient mythological Rome where the souls of powerful gods are summoned to enter the brutal battle amongst each other to restore peace.

Players control many roman gods who fight against each either in PvP matches. Single player campaign is also available where players unlock new characters and gain rewards. Players can engage in multiplayer battle with players from all around the world for which requires divine keys found during the course of campaign or purchase for real money. Game also features greek gods and legendary titans. Players can join the rank of Ascenders. As an Ascender players can manage and upgrade heroes, other mythical warriors, gods and monsters. Play in a legendary war against the dark forces and who plan to enslave the entire world. Be in a legendary clash of the titans.

Play as Zeus, Athena, Vulan, Hades, Spartacus, Atlus, Medusa and many more heroes and monsters. Fight can be taken to the most famous and incredible places of history like the colosseum, Mount Olympus, The ruins of Pompeii and many more places. Players can explore amazing world maps where opponent players are always waiting to challenge their fighting skills. Players will need to begin their quest by defeating the dark demon Tenebrous who has unearthed an ancient artifact from deep within and threatens to enslave the entire legendary warriors of the world, now the fate of world lies only to the great legendary warriors who calls themselves as ‘Ascenders’.

Key Features:

  • Amazing real life 3Dgraphics and Art.
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Tap and Swipe controls.
  • Summon the Legendary God Warrior of the world.
  • Fight to become the greatest of all Legends and Titans.
  • Rise to the greatest of all challenges.
  • Unlock Legendary Mythical Rewards.

Gods of Rome APK official trailer:

What’s New:

  • Players can fight in the epic Chinese temple and gain the souls of Far East Mythology.
  • Players can conquer new maps and events with new and additional storylines.
  • Fight and Embark upon a legendary quest to save Mount Olympus itself.
  • Players can discover new fighters and can bring in the complete rooster to over 30.
  • Players ca communicate with other players with new chat feature.
  • Players can talk to the entire globe or simply keep the word to themselves.

Gods of Rome APK Download Latest 1.2.1b version 5/24/16 Gods of Rome.apk

Game at a glance: 

  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Genre: Action
  • Latest Update: May 24, 2016Gods of Rome APK
  • Current Version: 1.2.1b
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up
  • In-app Purchase: $.15-100