Google Maps Offline – Use Google map without net

google maps offline

Google Maps Offline – Whenever you travel in a destination without any information about the place, you may feel insecure and fear about many things like communication issues and other necessary amenities concern. But it is not always possible to know about any place much before, as there are many instances like; when you have to travel in a short notice and no time is obtained for getting any info. Everyone will search for the info about the place. At that time a free map in your smart phone can be a great help. Also when you are traveling to a known place, you may need some sorts of information for that. But there are many cases when due to lack of network or Wi-Fi connections you cannot avail the maps that we require. The Google Maps has a facility of using it offline. Yes, it is right; one can get Google Maps offline very easily in a smart phone.

Know how to use Google Maps offline

Using the Google Maps offline is very easy and one needs to download the app only in his or her smart phone. There is a thumb rule you always need to follow, you have to be connected to internet (be online) to download or store the data of any location first and then only you can use that later offline!



Follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Maps App when you are online and then you have to search for the destination or the place or the city or the neighborhood that you want to download in your search bar. Simply type the name of the area in the box .
  • Then you have to move the box on the next screen to that area where you want to follow the map and then you can press the Download button and it will be saved in your devices for later offline use.
  • While saving you will be prompted to name the place; do it as you will.
  • Once you are done with that it will be saved on top left of the Menu option of the main maps and can be easily accessed by tapping without any internet connection or data or offline.

This offline use of the Google Maps (navigation and route calculation) for iOS versions is on the designing process of Google but the tentative date has yet not declared. The iOS users can view only the Google Maps till now.

So start to use Google Maps offline and enjoy your trip without net pack or network connection.

Mejor drawbacks of Google Maps:

But like every apps or every program, this program also has some demerits. The drawbacks of the Google Maps app are listed below:

  • The download of the maps is limited to a certain size. For example you cannot download a whole country in the map and the maximum storage space of 1.5 GB cannot be exceeded for downloading anything.
  • The detailed information that is provided in the apps requires a large storage space and that cannot be used offline. So while downloading if you connect to a Wi-Fi, the download of everything you want in the app will be easier. But that spends too much data.
  • The most vital drawback of the app is, the download will last for only 30 days and after that it will be deleted automatically. So if you are planning to save the download for several months, then leave that thought.

Having so little drawbacks in an app can be overlooked while you are getting so many things to use the facility. Enjoy the app and rove in a destination with the information from Google Maps offline.