Injustice Gods Among Us APK Download Latest version 6/9/16

Injustice Gods Among Us APK

Injustice Gods Among Us APK Download: Injustice Gods Among Us is an Action Fighting Gameplay where player controls many characters from the DC Universe. In this game player can select any DC character to fight against cpu player. Player can also choose between opponents to battle against. Injustice takes place in an alternate reality where all superheroes had turned evil after the Joker murdered Superman’s Wife Lois Lane and his unborn child along with her. Superman now rules the entireInjustice Gods Among Us APK Earth where as other metahumans also joined him exept for Batman some other former villains. Now in present time in real world Joke tries to unleash a nuke trying to wipe out entire people in the city of Metropolis. But when other superheroes trie’s to stop him somehow half of them along with joker is teleported to the alternative reality only to find about Superman who is planning world dominion, now its all up to the real Justice League to try and stop him.

Injustice Gods Among Us Gameplay:

The entire game is a fast paced Fighting game with lots of action. Players can also use abilities of superheroes to defeat the enemies. In this game players can choose between superheroes and supervillains, they can also use the abilities of supervillains. All characters have different types and varieties of abilities, every time a character hits an enemy the power gauge is filled which can be used unleash the most powerful ability which empties half health bars. Players can also make use of environments, things are put in the environment like a stone idol, missiles, vehicles, etc. The Map can also be changed while in combat if a character hits its enemy while standing in a corner the breaks through the wall while taking damage lands on another area.

Injustice Gods Among Us APK official trailer:

Key Features:

  • Instant move set can be created while in combat.
  • Special abilities can be used during combat.
  • Special meter when filled can be used to unleash a very special attack.
  • Fighting style is very fast paced
  • A lots of map to choose from and very amazing graphics
  • Online multiplayer match can be used to play against opponents from all over the world

Injustice Gods Among Us APK Download Latest version 6/9/16

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