10 Money Making Apps to earn extra cash in leisure time

Money Making Apps

Money Making Apps: Around 1960, an Italian Scholer predicted that “the day is not far when telephone will do everything by itself, starting from banking operations, newspaper to telephone network”. With the technological advancement and smart phone elevation, we are already living that prediction today. No wonder smart phones help us do a hell lot of other things in daily life too. For every occasion and need there are suitable apps to serve our purpose. So if the obvious question already poped out in your mind;

Can I earn money with apps?

The answer is simple, Hell yeah. Absolutely!

Money Making Apps are something through which you can earn real money from your mobile. Smartphone users download many apps for different purpose such as for playing games, for entertainment, for doing important tasks, to watch movies and for many other things; some even spends money on apps. But money making apps are something where you needn’t spend a single penny but you earn money from them. In return what you have to do is to complete some simple task like downloading free apps, free games, joining surveys, watching ads, inviting friends etc. These are very simple tasks and take just a few moments to complete. Some of the apps are really interesting where you can really enjoy yourself while earning money but to be honest some of these apps could bombard your screen with multiple advertisements and can hog up your mobile date smoothly.

Here we have listed 10 outstanding money making apps for Android through which you can earn some extra money and rewards every month or day. Most of these apps are easy and safe to use. You just need a stable internet connection to join the tasks offered by the apps.

10 best money making apps to earn extra cash in leisure time:


#01 Make Money – Free Cash App

Make Money – Free Cash App, as the name suggests it is a money making app through which you can earn some real money by completing simple everyday tasks. The app has made it possible for people to earn money by sitting at home doing some interesting tasks on mobile. Watch videos, complete some surveys, try free apps, endorsements, free trails and do some other similar tasks every day in your free time to earn easy money. This is one of the best money making apps for Android and compared to other free money making apps, it pays much faster and higher. The payment is directly done on PayPal account which means you can use the money as you want.

Money Making Apps 1

How Does Make Money – Free Cash App Works

Make Money is very simple, there is nothing much to do. The stuffs that you have to do in this app are:

  • Complete tasks to earn rewards.
  • Watch free videos.
  • Completing surveys.
  • Download free apps.
  • Test services etc.
  • Redeem your reward points to get cash via PayPal.

Android –

iOS –

#2 MintCoins

If you are looking for an easy way to make money then download the MintCoins Earn Free Cash or Make Money app in your mobile and you are set to earn easy money. The app works same as the other money making apps. You need to complete some simple tasks like completing surveys, watching video advertise, invite friends etc and you will get rewarded with money in your PayPal account. You can redeem a minimum amount of $1 once you have earned it and as there are many offers to complete, it is not tough to earn the amount real quick with this app.

Money Making Apps

How the App Works

There is a simple procedure that you need to complete in order to earn money which includes:

  • Download the app and register to MintCoins account with your email address.
  • Join in tasks that you like.
  • Invite your friends and earn rewards.
  • When your reward point reaches $1 redeem the amount in PayPal.

The offers that you need to complete in this app to earn money are as follows:

  • Download free apps.
  • Download Paid apps.
  • Complete different surveys.
  • Watch Video ads.
  • Invite your friends and achieve $0.25 for each friend.

Get it at PlayStore: 

Earn Free Cash or Make Money
Earn Free Cash or Make Money

#3  Earn Money:

Earn Money is one of the best apps available in PalyStore. It allows its users to earn money by doing some easy tasks. All you need to do is download the app in your mobile and use in your spare time by watching some ads, visiting some web pages and completing surveys. It is one of the trusted money making apps for Android and millions of people are making money through it. Now it is your turn.

Earn Money APK

How the Earn Money App Works:

Making money with Earn Money is very easy. Every day you need to complete some simple tasks. The tasks include:

  • Invite friends and earn $0.07 per friend.
  • Download Free Apps
  • Register to free website
  • Register to paid website (high pay)
  • Download free apps
  • Download paid apps (high pay)
  • Complete different surveys.

Completing these tasks will reward you with money which you can use to pay bills or purchasing items online. If you complete the offers in the app your money will get recharged in your Mobikwik account within 24 hours.

However, to do all these things you need to sign up in Earn Money app and then you can use this app whenever you want to. Not only that, once you sign up you will get a reference code by the app which you can share with your friends. For every that sings up using your code you will get $0.30 for each of them. Moreover, your friend will also get rewarded with $0.15 in on the completion of the registration.


#4 SlideJoy – Lock Screen Cash

Download SlideJoy app in your Android device to earn cash, rewards and gift cards easily. It is a very interesting app which pays you for having trending news and ads on the lock screen of your mobile. The cash you earn from the app can be redeemed on PayPal account and if it is a gift card then you can redeem it to retailers or brands.  The app also allows you to give your earned money to charity. It is an award winning app which has been featured on CNBC, Today Show, Wall Street Journal and others. This is the easiest money making app where you do not have to complete surveys, or download app. Let’s see how this app works:

Money Making Apps

How SlideJoy – Lock Screen Cash Works

The major thing you need to do in this app is sliding your phone up, down, right and left. First of all you need to register in SlideJoy account and then follow these steps:

  • After registration on this app, you will get news or promotional card on your lock screen each time you unlock your phone.
  • If you slide the lock screen UP you will get more news or promotions
  • Sliding the lock screen on the RIGHT side will unlock your phone and the home screen will appear.
  • When you slide the lock screen on the LEFT will provide you more information about the content.
  • Sliding the screen DOWN means you want to access your notification and shortcut app menu.

This is all you need to do with this app. You can earn money for watching news and ads, locking and unlocking the screen, checking on promotions and deals etc. You can redeem your money very quick and there are 12 redemption options are available to redeem your

money or to receive the cash. So, why are you making delay? Download the app now and enjoy earning some free money.


Slidejoy - Lock Screen Cash
Slidejoy - Lock Screen Cash
Developer: Slidejoy
Price: Free

#5 Cashpoint Free Cash, Gift Card

Cashpoint Free Cash, Gift Card is another great app for making money. You can earn real cash, Amazon Gift Card, Steam Gift Card and Google Play Gift Card by doing some interesting tasks on your Android mobile. You just have to complete some exciting tasks in your spare time like download free apps and games, invite your friends to download the app, etc. Each coin you earn will turn into cash or gift cards.

Money Making Apps

How Cashpoint Free Cash, Gift Card Works:

Cashpoint works in a very simple way; you need to do the following steps in order to earn money from this app:

  • Install free apps and games recommended by the app.
  • Invite friends and earn coins. Also let your friends earn some coins.
  • Play recommended games and earn loads of coins.
  • Enter Cash Hits.
  • Perform daily checking.

These are the simple steps that you need to perform in this app. There are many new features and offers are coming for you. You can exchange your coins into gift cards, or cash once you gather sufficient coins. 600 coins mean $1. Once you claim your money it will arrive in your PayPal account within 24 hours.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


The app was not found in the store. 🙁

#6 QuickCash

QuickCash is another money making app through which you can earn a good amount of money every month while having fun. This is one of the simplest money making app where you can earn money just by downloading apps. You can recommend your friends and family members to download the apps and every time you or your recommended friend downloads an app you can earn money. Therefore, the more friends you can invite the more money you can earn. You can also earn money by doing simple posting tasks on social media networks.

Money Making Apps

How QuickCash Works

The QuickCash actually works in a way where you get paid for promoting third party apps. To earn money through this app you don’t have to complete any surveys or watch ads. If you have a large friends circle then you can earn a good amount of money. Just go to every friend through social network or other ways and recommend them to download the app that’s it.

How Much You can Earn through QuickCash

You can earn $5 just in less than 5 minutes after using the app and then gradually you can earn more money and reach up to $100 in a month. You can redeem your cash through PayPal account. So, what are you waiting for? Just download the app and start earning money today for free.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁

#7 Wild Wallet

Wild Wallet is one of the most powerful apps to make money and rewards through your Android device online. The only thing that you have to do is watching sponsored videos offered by the app, complete free surveys, donation offers and invite your friends to install the app etc. You can earn amazing Gift Cards and PayPal Cash by completing the tasks.

Money Making Apps

How Wild Wallet Works

  • Download the app and sign up with your Facebook account or Google+ account.
  • Download free apps and games recommended by the app.
  • Watch sponsored videos.
  • Complete free surveys and donation offers.
  • Invite friends to install “Wild Wallet”.
  • Visit the app and get everyday bonus.
  • Claim your rewards through PayPal or receive Gift cards.

That is all that you need to do. However, there is something more that you should know. You can earn 200 free credits just for nothing. Use the invitation code 1839462 and start using the app and you will get 200 free credits on your account. You just need to type the invitation code on the Setting Page to avail this offer. There is one important thing to note which is: you cannot use multiple Wild Wallet account on a single device but you can use different money making apps on your mobile along with this app.


#8 Surveys On The Go

Surveys On The GO is probably the best app for making money online. The app pays direct cash on completing some surveys whereas on other money making apps you get credit points which you need to convert in money later.  You have to join in surveys of many companies and entertainment industry recommended by the app. The more surveys you can take the more money you get.

Money Making Apps

How Surveys On The Go Works

Earning money with Surveys On The Go is quite easy. Once you download the app, you will get a notification once a paid survey is available on the app. These surveys include rating TV shows and movies, rating shopping experience, evaluation of products etc. It just takes a few minutes to complete the surveys and it will not even waste your time. You can choose any of your spare time to complete the surveys. The app is developed by a renowned mobile research company of USA and thus safety here all your personal information will be safe and protected.  If you want to make some dollars within minutes, download the app right away.


iOS <—

#9 Google Opinion Rewards

If you are looking for a reliable app to earn money safely then nothing can be better than a Google app. In Google Opinion Rewards you can earn rewards by answering some quick survey questions. The surveys which you will be attending on the app are formed by Google Consumer Surveys. Here you don’t have to download apps or watch videos; it is all about just answering questions and joining on surveys. Let’s see how this app works:

Money Making Apps

How Google Opinion Rewards Works

Getting started with Google Opinion Rewards is very easy. Once you download the app you will be asked some basic questions about yourself and you have to give simple answers of those questions. After that you have to wait for the surveys to come. You will receive notification once a survey is available. You need to answer the survey questions and you can earn up to $1 on completion of the survey. The questions are very easy and it could be a question like “Which logo is the best?” or “When do you plan on travelling next?” etc. You can use those dollars to buy things online such as apps, music and other things. But the notable thing is every survey has a deadline to complete and you have to complete the survey within that time or you will lose the chance to earn money.


Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

#10 Cash App

If you want to earn money quickly through an app then you can download Cash App. With this app you can earn money very easily and quickly. There is nothing much you have to do much to earn money. Just download the best games and apps on your Android mobile using this app. That’s it.

Money Making Apps

How Cash App Works?

The app works so easy. Just follow the given steps after downloading the app on your Android device:

  • Create an account on Cash App or you can also sign up with your Facebook account.
  • Browse new games and apps and download them on your mobile.
  • The app recommends you to download the best apps and games.

However, there is one thing you need to remember that you cannot create multiple accounts of Cash App on a single device and you cannot use a single ID on multiple devices. Doing this will block your Cash App account.


Cash App
Cash App
Developer: make quick money
Price: Free

Wrap Up

All the above-listed Money Making Apps has its own unique features and works in somewhat different pattern but the main outcome is similar for you, i.e get some extra money.

Have you ever tried to earn money with apps? If you did, how was your experience?