Naughty Kitties Cats Battle apk Download Latest 1.2.18 Version 3/21/16

Naughty Kitties Cats Battle apk

Naughty Kitties Cats Battle apk: In the world of computer games those attract not only kids and young generation but also the people of all ages are not restricted in the racing games and the battlefield games, but also with puzzles and sometimes adventures with some animals and other creatures in the path. One such adventurous game where some kittens are fighting for justice as the Aliens has attacked the cat’s homeland is the Naughty Kitties – Cats Battle game.

This game has at last entered the android world. In this game, the Aliens attacked the Cat’s land and the adults lie on the dust. Only the supernatural power holder kittens are trying to flee away with the help of the express ship of the planet. The players have to help the kittens to fight against the Aliens and to protect the planet. You have to help the kittens in shaping the Planet of the Cat.

Naughty Kitties Cats Battle apk Game play:

To play the game Naughty Kitties – Cats Battle, you have to download it. Once you download the game and start to play, you will understand the real worth of the game. Features of the game are awesome where the fire-breathing cats ride the spaceship and tryingNaughty Kitties Cats Battle apk to destroy the robotic violence. In this game the cute kittens in the form of fighters are superb and you will get addicted to the game. You will also come back for getting more of the game and if you are a cat lover, the chances will be higher. You have to take care of some of the points like:

Naughty Kitties Cats Battle Game Arena:

  • Drag and Drop, where the young warrior has to drag and then drop it on the war field. The kittens, when placed in the war field starts to fight automatically.
  • You have to be careful of the kittens’ energy bar and replace the same as they are kids who are unable to last long without full energy.
  • Your main aim is to help the kittens to flee away with the express ship and so do not leave the little kitties alone.
  • 3 same types of kittens can create a combo which has more power than you think.
  • When you don’t want any kitty, you can drop it from the ship.
  • The cat food and goldfish or catnip is the foods that can feed the cats.

Naughty Kitties Cats Battle apk official Trailer: 

The game has some salient features like:

  • The art styles are extremely cute.
  • Latest and innovative ideas where the tower resistance is mixed with endless running.
  • For adventure 3 scenarios are there.
  • Various kinds of ships for unlocking with abundant breeds of kittens and different weapons.

What’s new?

The game has added 8 new costumes and 2 new characters along with the Chinese New Year update.

What’s more, go to the game store, download Naughty Kitties apk – Cats Battle and start to ravel the adventurous fun with small kitties and aliens.

Naughty Kitties Cats Battle apk Download Latest 1.2.18 Version 3/21/16 

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Game At a glance:Naughty Kitties Cats Battle apk

  • Developers: Coconut Island Games 
  • Genre: Casual
  • Last Updated: March 21, 2016
  • Current Version: 1.2.18
  • Requires Android:2.3 and up.
  • In-app Purchases: $2-30