Pixel Dungeon APK Download Latest 1.9.2a Version 6/12/16

Dream of Pixels APK

Download Pixel Dungeon APK: The different types of games in the computer world are there and each of them has some unique features. Game lovers are in search of newer games that can provide some unique and new type of gaming experience. There are video games with traditional role playing characterised by prison or dungeon added with simple border and pixel-art graphics. The game Pixel Dungeon is one such game in the genre of pixel-art graphics that is in the list of most played games. To enjoy the game opt for the Pixel Dungeon APK and explore newer challenges in the game. Pixel Dungeon APK

Pixel Dungeon Gameplay:

In this game you have to discover the Pixel Dungeon depths and have to collect useful items. There are dreadful and gigantic creatures called monsters, which you have to fight against. The ultimate destination of the game is to find the surprise or the Amulet of Yendor at the end of this game through the fight and the collecting of the items required for the path. For many players this game is very difficult and is also luck-based.

  • Collect useful items.
  • Discover the depths of the Pixel Dungeon.
  • Fight with the violent monsters.
  • Find the ultimate destination of the game, the Amulet of Yonders.

The new release or modification of Pixel Dungeon APK:

  • Hot fix, improved tiles, enhanced catalogues, new Berserker’s perk
  • Variations in different wands like merging them with the same type, buffed, etc.
  • Typos fixed, scroll-like behaviors are more in number and many more new modifications are added.

At present there are almost 26 depths of Pixel Dungeon and in the near future it is expected to be more in number along with more enemies, badges and other added features.

If you are still confused about wherefrom the Pixel Dungeon APK will be the easiest and without any problems, visit the link below and experience the game after installation.

  1. Pixel Dungeon APK Download Latest 1.9.2a Version 6/12/16