Pocket Troops APK Download Latest 1.18.0 Version 14/6/16

Pocket Troops apk

Download Pocket Troops Apk: Pocket Troops is a unique type of war game that offers an inimitable experience to the players. It is a strategy warfare game where no trooper dies in any battle. It gives you a role of commander where you have to train your rookies for battle, provide them special skills and make them strong through collecting special weapons to get victory at the end of the battle. The battles in the game are divided into small sections, so you can complete a battle whenever you get a break from your work or study. Train your troopers hard and cheer them to get the victory with your finger crossed.

The Features of the Pocket Troops Game Includes:

  1. Strategic warfare game with meandering troop control.
  2. Unique sound effects using music instruments that are commonly not used in action games.
  3. Use of cartoonish graphics designed perfectly matching with Pocket Troops apkthe personality of the characters.
  4. Beat against Monsters, Professor Monsters and the soldiers of his minion.
  5. Unlimited numbers of weapon collections, six different trooper classes, base upgrades and UI improvements.
  6. Online PvP challenges to play with other armies from all over the world.
  7. Battle locations based on Tokyo, New York, London and other famous cities.

Pocket Troops apk Official Trailer:

What’s New you are getting from Pocket Troops APK Download?

  1. More than 5 legendary skill set such as Provoker, Damage Reflection, An Eye for An Eye, Instant Karma and Vacuum Grenade.
  2. More than 5 wounds such as funk, scratch, wound, injury and shell-shock with fixed healing duration.
  3. A “Reset Game Progress” has been incorporated that allows you to restart the game from a position you want such as you can start the game from scratch or injury etc.
  4. The Trooper’s level has been increased in the new release and reached to level 30.

Update: The game update includes improvements gameplay, level boosting and error fixing.

Enjoy the unique pleasure of war game by playing Pocket Troops and be a real hero by training your Trooper your best. You can also invite your friends from anywhere in the world to make your battle more challenging and interesting. Pocket Troops is completely free from this site. Click on the download link from your Android mobile or tablet to get the application for free.

Pocket Troops APK Download Latest 1.18.0 Version 14/6/16 

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Pocket Troops
Pocket Troops
Developer: Heyworks Inc.
Price: Free+

Game At a glance: 

  • Developers: Heyworks Inc. Pocket Troops apk
  • Genre: Strategy
    Last Updated: June 14, 2016.
  • Current Version: 1.18.0
  • Requires Android:4.0.3 and up.
  • In-app Purchases: $1-100