Recover lost notifications on Android

Recover lost notifications on Android

The smart phones with multiple features are the most recent electronic devices that earned the highest popularity. The Android operating systems in the smart phones are the most used one. The Android notifications keep on coming regularly and randomly. Users get irritated to delete the notifications and opts to remove the notifications together without even going through each of them. In the process, many important notifications are cleared from the system and the user then repents for closing or removing the same. These are the accidental but very common cases in almost every Android user. If you are also one of them, then you are at the right page where you will get to know the procedure of how to recover lost notifications on Android.

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Don’t get astonished and surprised by knowing that it can be recovered easily! Well, keep patience and be cool as you have read the right thing. There are options to recover lost notifications on Android.

How to recover lost notifications on Android?

Know how you can recover the lost notifications that you have accidentally removed on Android. The steps to recover the notifications on Android are mentioned below in easy steps.


  • At first you have to long-tap an empty space on the home screen of your android device and then tap the Widgets.
  • The next step follows the swiping of the screen to the left until the Settings shortcut Widget.
  • Then the Widget must be tapped for long and after the home screen appears, it can be dragged to the home screen of choice.
  • The shortcut menu that appears in the Settings, the screen should be scrolled down and then the Notification log can be tapped.
  • A shortcut of the Notification log will appear on the home screen and after you tap this you can get access to your notification history.

After getting all the above steps done you can now recover lost notifications on Android and when you are in the Notification log, you are now able to see the active notifications will appear in white and those which you opted to close will be in gray color. When you tap the gray colored notifications, you will be taken to the notification source straight away.