SimCity BuildIt APK Download Latest version 6/16/16

SimCity BuildIt APK

SimCity BuildIt APK Download: SimCity BuildIt is a strategy, simulation and economical android game. Players create the city of their dream and control it as the mayor. The sole agenda of this game is to build a large city with lots of population and look after the need of the people.

SimCity BuildIt Gameplay:

Players can build their city according to their way but will have to keep in mind to make the easiest way to get in and out of the buildings to make an easy way for the civilians to travel. The city should be made in a way so that taxes will keep flowing. Players can pinch, zoom and rotate cameras to look at the city in different views also game can be played in online and offline both. Trade resources with other cities and friends, build up sky reaching skylines, import and export materials. Players can put up and also get the order for boat and ship orders from neighbouring cities which they will have to complete within the given time. Players can unlock exclusive landmarks by building Tokyo-styled neighbourhoods like London bridge, Arc de Triomphe, statue of liberty and etc.

They can also unleash natural disasters and also makeSimCity BuildIt APK civilians talking about strange and mysterious sightings like UFO. Players will have to solve real life problems, like traffic, accidents, fires, pollutions, etc. Provide services like clean water, electricity, power plants, technological innovation, police service. hospitals, etc and can also boost population with education and job and social area like parks, library, cafes, etc and also complete fun challenges to shape the city in a better one. Players can compete with players all around the world and can earn huge rewards.

Key Features:

  • Build your city into a huge metropolitan one and increase the population of the world.
  • Keep citizens happy and safe.
  • Compete with players around the globe to earn rewards.

SimCity BuildIt APK official trailer:

What’s New:

  • An update for the game is available.
  • Develop high-tech cities, put on a technological. innovation and construct datalinks,skywalks, aerial drones, etc.
  • You can build OMEGA items, OMEGA homes and many other things.
  • Also create fun items like robotic pets.

SimCity BuildIt APK Download Latest Version 6/16/16

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SimCity BuildIt
SimCity BuildIt
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