Sniper 3D Assassin APK Download 1.12.1 version 4/7/2016

Sniper 3D Assassin APK

Sniper 3D Assassin APK Download: Sniper 3d assassin is a first-person shooter action android game where player assumes the role of an assassin. Players work is to identify and eliminate his target. Players will be given a brief description of the mission and the name and location of the target except the facial description and players will have to find to get to the location, identify the target within the crowd of people an assassinate them. Failing to do so and alarming them will make the target flee so players will have to be very careful with their aim.

Sniper 3D Assassin Free Games Gameplay:

Game includes hundred of missions each set within different Sniper 3D Assassin Free Games APKenvironments, players will get to know a lot about the gameplay by exploring. Each time players complete missions they will be rewarded with coins and they can spend them to buy new sniper rifles with great potential. Players will also have to keep in mind to buy rifles which is perfect to hunt target down like accuracy, fire rate, zoom capacity and reload time. Each weapon has different attributes and different ammo types. Players can buy rifles at the game shop. They can upgrade and modify their weapons and characters with the coins earned like, change the optics and attach different one with telescopic view, change the stock of the weapon and attach a new one for a better grip, change the barrel of the weapon, cartridge with ammo piercing rounds which will surely eliminate enemies with armor. Multiplayer battle is also available within the game. But aside that game has amazing graphics and gameplay which players will surely enjoy.

Sniper 3D Assassin APK official trailer:

Sniper 3D Assassin Key Features:

  • Amazing graphics which looks ultra realistic with really cool animations.
  • More than hundred thrilling missions.
  • The game introduces us the latest gameplay style which is projectile bullet following camera.
  • An arsenal of weapons waiting for you.
  • Easy for anyone to control and understand.

What’s New:

  • New update fixed some major bugs.

Sniper 3D Assassin APK Download 1.12.1 version 6/9/16


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Sniper 3D Assassin Free Games APK

Game at a Glance:

  • Developers: Fun Games For Free.
  • Genre: first-person action shooter.
  • Last Updated: July 4, 2016.
  • Current Version: 1.12.1
  • Requires Android: 2.3 and up
  • In-app Purchases: $0.95-96.8