How to stop Android apps running in the background

How to stop Android apps running in the background

Stop Android apps running in the background: Is your mobile getting slower day by day and not offering the same performance as it used to? Believe me, it is a common problem of every Android Smartphone user; but the good news here is, it is not actually a severe problem as you may think. Every Android Smartphone or tablet has a common characteristic which is; once you launch an application, it starts to run on the background even after you have closed the application and moved to another. After using a few applications, you may realize that your phone is getting a bit slower it is because the running applications are using space of RAM of your device. But, as I said there is nothing to worry about! You can easily stop Android apps running in the background by following some easy steps given below-


Why it is Important to stop Android apps running in the background

Before you learn how you can remove the applications running on your mobile background, it is important to know the benefits of doing it. First of all, it will make your device faster and smoother. Secondly, if you were using any private application and someone picks up your phone, they will see what applications you were using which could be a major privacy issue. Now, the question is how you can identify there are applications running on your Smartphone’s background.

Identify the Symptoms:

It is very essential for everyone to understand the key of the problem before shutting down any application. There are few symptoms that can make you assure about any running apps on your mobile. These are some steps how you can recognize the problem:

Check Battery Usage

One of the most common symptoms of checking whether an app is running in background is viewing app-specific battery use. To see which apps are draining the battery, go to the Settings and click on Battery. You will get a complete overview of how much the apps have used your battery. Android-Battery-use

Check the Process Stats:

It is another process through which you can identify some extra information apart from just the battery usage. It will let you know about how much power a single application can use. But, to do this, you need to get Developer Access. The Developer Access is basically a concealed action which is not available in your Settings. To get access of this option you have to go to the Settings and then to the About Device option. Within About device you will get an option named Build Number. You have to tap on that particular option for quite a few times and then a notification will come to your device cheering you as a developer.


Now, the next task is to again come back to the Settings menu where you can see an extra option named Developer Options. You will get a whole lot of selections there, but what you have to do is, without messing with the other just scroll down to the Process Stats. Here you will get all information about how much RAM the apps are using. You can also choose a specific application to get more information.

Now that you know which apps killing how much RAM, you are now ready to stop Android apps running in the background. Let see how you can disable/kill them:

Killing a Running App:

One of the easiest ways to end a background application is killing it. If you have a Smartphone with Android 4.4 version or greater, there is a very easy and fastest way available where you just need to tap on the Recent Apps button and swipe the apps displaying like cards on the left or right. This will kill the apps from running in background.

End a Running App

There is another way to stop android apps running in the background, which is by ending them from your settings. To do this, you have to go to your mobile Settings and then to the Apps. Tap on any app you want to stop and then click on Force Stop to end the process. You may get some warning message after tapping the Force Stop button but you need to permit this if you want to stop the app from running in background.


Uninstall/Disable a Background App

If you think an app is not required in your mobile or any app is disturbing regular task of your device, the clever thing here to do is just deleting it from your phone forever. This way you can stop a particular android app from running in the background and also can get rid of it permanently. To do so, you have to go to the Settings and then Apps, you can see all the applications of your mobile, select any app you want to uninstall and then simply tap on Uninstall and your work is done.

However, deleting an app from mobile is a very risky task. Before deleting any app from your mobile you should think twice about its usage. There are many apps in your mobile that are preinstalled and do many important tasks; if you uninstall them you may lose many important data or functionality of your phone. However, instead of uninstalling you can disable those apps. To disable an app from your mobile, you have to go to the Settings and then Apps, choose the app you want to disable and then tap Disable.  Disabling an application means, it will stay in your device but without doing any misbehave.

Take Outside Help

There are lot of ways how you can stop android apps running in the background and you have already seen some of them. But if all these process appears as quite boring and time consuming, you can opt for an equivalent way. You can hire another app to execute your task.  Google Play is full of many apps that show you the apps running in your mobile background, kills them and also manage your apps. These apps automatically force-closes apps once you are done using them. Advanced Task Killer or ATK is a tool used to stop android apps running in the background which is available in Google Play Store. Installing the app may help you to eradicate your mobile problem.

The method of using ATK application is quite easy. What you have to do is just open the app and you will get a list of running apps on your mobile background. You can deselect the apps you don’t want to kill and then click on the Kill Selected Apps option and then your problem is solved.

You can also use third party apps like Greenify and Llama which are also very popular for this task.


If you are frustrated with the fact of Android apps running in the background, hopefully the above given tools can help you get rid of the trouble. You can use any of the above given methods, either you can apply the traditional method or you can take help of a third party app. However, there are many task killers are available on Google Play Store to stop android apps running in the background automatically. It is better not to use them as they drains your battery and sometimes kills important apps from your mobile.