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Subway Surfers APK

Subway Surfers APK Download

Subway Surfers is undoubtedly one of the most popular Android game that every game lovers love to play. The game is very simple where a player has to run endlessly as fast as possible avoiding the obstacles and the trains that are coming in the way. You have to help the characters of the game such as Jake, Tricky and Fresh to escape from the snappy inspector running behind you with his dog. In Subway Surfers the player who makes the highest score is denotes as the best surfer. You also can your challenge your companion and be the best surfer by making highest score in the Subway. Let’s explore what are the main features of the game:


The Subway Surfers APK Will Provide You the following Features

  1. A very fun playing game with colourful HD graphics and nice sound.
  2. Grind trains with your Subway crew.
  3. Many power-ups such as super sneakers, super jumpers, score multipliers and coin magnets etc.
  4. Facility to challenge a friend or help a friend.
  5. “Hoverboard Surfing”.
  6. Swipe system to jump, roll and moving sideways. Just swipe up to jump, swipe down to roll and swipe left and right to move sideways.
  7. Subway Surfers is compatible with Android, iOS, Kindle Phone and Windows phone.

Subway Surfer Official Trailer:

Subway Surfers APK New Release Modification

  1. In the new addition the Surfers continues its tour in America.
  2. A new peace-loving surfer Jenny has been added to the Subway crew.
  3. A new Groovy board has been added where one can boast their sharpest tricks.
  4. Grind trains on San Francisco Subway tracks.
  5. Facility to earn challenging awards by surfing the Subway without even changing lanes.

Update: Regular update is performed to improve gameplay and to fix bugs.

Subway Surfers APK is a universal game that offers an extreme enjoyable gameplay to the players. To start playing the game you just need to download the game in your device. The Subway Surfers APK Download is very easy from here. Click on the download link and the APK will download and install in your mobile in a minute.


Game Stat At A Glance: