Traffic Rider APK Download Free Latest 1.1.2 version 4/1/16 of Traffic Rider.APK

Traffic Rider APK
Traffic Rider APK Download:

Traffic Rider APK is an amazing racing game. Among the various computer games, the racing games are the most addictive and popular one. These are easy to play for all age groups starting from the kids to the matured ones. The Traffic Racer game is very popular and from Soner Kara, the makers of Traffic Racer, the latest and updated version of another racing game Traffic Rider is available. The game is a motor racing game and you can have detailed gaming experience. This is a first person viewpoint game with astonishing graphics, added with real life occurrence of recorded bike sounds. You can experience the true form of bike riding in highway roads overtaking the traffic and endless features like buying new bikes for reaching the mission. You can enjoy the game as well as feel the excitement through this game.


Features of Traffic Rider APK that will help you to know the game better:

  • It is a first person camera angle that will add extra excitement.
  • The types of the motorbikes to choose from is 20.
  • Exclusive designs with real bike sounds.
  • With day and night variations, the detailed environments can be felt.
  • Various career modes like professional with 40+missions.
  • Comes in about 17 languages.

Game Mechanism:

The main motto of the game is to achieve a mission through the roads by your choice of motorcycle. The speed that you attain while riding the bike and also the perfection in avoiding the traffic and other issues like accidents determines the scores in the game. When you attain the speed of 100 KMH or more and overtake the cars on the roads you can attain bonus scores and also cash through the game. The same applies when you are driving in two ways in opposite directions. The game is designed for both iOS and the Android users and is regularly updated to give you more and more features.

So are you still waiting for a Traffic Rider APK Download? Just visit the link below and make the download easy to experience the game that has got 4.8 score out 5 from the user reviews.


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