Words With Friends Classic APK Download Latest 7.7.2 Version 5/10/15

Words With Friends Classic APK

Download Words With Friends Classic APK: Playing with letters and words is the passion of many and the game of the Words is designed for them only. The Classic game named as Words with Friends is one of the best-played word games. This game is an Android game with words that is a challenge-oriented game of Scrabble on boards. It is played with friends either in offline or online mode. The opponent may be anonymous or unknown players.

Words With Friends Classic apk Gameplay:

In the game, the player with the most number of letter tiles for making the words will earn the higher points and wins accordingly. The Words with Friends Classic game is filled with fun and excitement in making the words. You can also invite the friends through the Twitter or the Facebook. There are options to chat with the friends or the opponents in the game. But this game is only limited to the option of multiplayer and you cannot play the game alone or it is not a single player game.

The geo location of the player can be used to compare the scores of the player, with the players around and can be put on the leader Words With Friends Classic APKboard. Experience the features of Words With Friends Classic with your friends:

  • You will love the simple word-building game while playing.
  • You can connect with the friends or opponents through in-game chat.
  • You can also invite friends via Facebook or Twitter or matchmaking with the random opponents.
  • You can access the game of word-building across all your devices.

Words With Friends Classic APK Official Trailer:

For playing this game you need a Facebook account or the Games with Friends. The game uses some personal data that is governed by the Zynga terms of Service and comes under Zynga’s privacy policy. But instead of the pros and cons of the game, it is fun and amazing to experience the challenge of game-building. So hurry and grab the game in your device and play whenever you want.

New Releases

To improve the Words with friends, this game is added with additional and improved features.

Words With Friends Classic APK Download Latest 7.7.2 Version 5/10/15

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Words With Friends Classic
Words With Friends Classic
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