WWE Immortals APK Download Latest 2.1 version 4/1/16

WWE Immortals APK

WWE Immortals APK Download: WWE immortals is an action fighting game created by Netherrealm studios who brought us great games like Mortal Kombat and Injustice GodsAmong Us. In Immortals, we choose any one of the given WWE superstars. We can also select our opponent and Stage where we combat our opponent. Unlike other WWE games immortals doesn’t give us stage or other weapons to attack our opponents to even crowd to cheer for us but instead Netherrealm brought us a WWE game in a different WWE Immortals APKvision.

In this game, we get to smash our opponents but not just with our fists but with superpowers. Some of the most famous characters from the WWE industry makes an appearance but that just not it. We get to not only get to hit ’em hard but brutally murder them, Yes the game is full of Violence. More we fight the more our power gets charged and after when it’s recharged we can unleash hell on our opponents by using super moves. We can also use signature moves of our famous wrestling stars. Online feature is also available in the game where players can compete online with real opponents all around the world in live. Game events is also tied to the WWE where players can win some reward.

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Key Features:

  • Choose favourite WWE superstars. Players can use their Supercharge Rooster to unleash hell.
  • First time 3 on 3 combat available players can perform double combos, and also play a tag to switch characters.
  • Every different superstar has their own unique skills and signature moves which can be used to charge up their ability. Players also have unique God like superpowers.
  • Players can build their characters move set, increase their superpowers, upgrade their characters, conquer their competition and mostly evolve their rooster.
  • Game features the best graphics of all time.

WWE Immortals APK Download Latest 2.1 version 4/1/16

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