Zombiewood Zombies in L.A APK Download Latest 1.5.3 version 1/15/15

Zombiewood Zombies in L.A APK

Zombiewood Zombies in L.A APK Download: Zombiewood Zombies in L.A is an action adventure comic shooter game where players need to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Set in Los Angeles, zombiewood takes players at hollywood where they need to survive and a have extreme fun. When hordes of zombies invade shining streets of L.A then only survivors left there are movie stars and celebrities now they decided to make a movie out of it and earn some money while someone kills zombie and other film it and they begin their operation Zombiewood.

Zombiewood Zombies in L.A Gameplay:

Zombiewood’s gameplay is amazing and funny action game with lots of funny moments. Players will be killing zombies inZombiewood Zombies in L.A APK different styles along with a variety of weapons. Game has amazing violence in it with lots of crazy moments. Players can zap ’em, boil ’em, burn’ em, rock ’em, shock ’em, do all kinds of experiments with different weapons But the game mostly includes shooting weapons to eliminate zombies from a distance. Any fans of a shooter, comic, arcade and free games would be excited to get this game on their smartphone.

Zombiewood Zombies in L.A APK official trailer:

Key Features:

  • Players can run dash, and slaughter all kinds of enemies.
  • Players will have to take an armor and a weapon to take down hordes of  zombies.
  • Graphics is in Cartoon style which is inspired from Hollywood setting.
  • There are 30 wicked wild weapons to hunt down zombies
  • Players can wage match.
  • There are 20 different movies also called game level and also consists of 10 different game modes.
  • There are many funny outfits which players can wear anytime or any way they desire.
  • The game also features online playing.
  • Players can  also play with friends and against friends and can rise to leaderboards.
  • The game gets a regular update which allows players to get more free movies (levels), guns, gore and non-stop action.

What’s New:

The latest update fixed the minor bugs.

Zombiewood Zombies in L.A APK Download Latest 1.5.3 version 1/15/15 from Playstore

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