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Call Of Duty | All About Call Of Duty Game | 2019



More than a year has passed since the official release of CALL OF DUTY  has gained popularity among fans of multiplayer games, and won many game awards. At the beginning of last year, all kinds of streamers and surveyors were publicly promoting it. However, there are people who still have not heard anything about her and do not know what kind of game this is. Let’s look  at what CALL OF DUTY  is and what is the meaning of this game.


What is Call Of Duty ?

What is Call of duty  Its a multiplayer game that positions itself as a representative of the new Battle Royale genre. What kind of genre is this I will explain later, but, in essence, it’s just a multiplayer action game in which you can play both alone and in a team.

Game modes   – three. The first is a single player game in which you fight on the principle of “all against all.” The second is a pair game. It is easier to play a duet, however, you need to consider that your opponents also have a partner and, having killed one, you can run into the second. In addition, in this mode, as in team mode, the player is usually not killed immediately, he is left with time to recover. “Resurrect” a companion can only his partner and this requires a first-aid kit. If you are shot, you can crawl into cover and call a friend for help.


The rules of the game are simple and straightforward. A hundred players land on an isolated island, weapons lie around, there is a safe zone that is constantly narrowing. Outside the perimeter, the player gradually dies. The zone narrows until only one survives. Accordingly, the goal of each player is to simply survive. You can run around the field and shoot opponents, or you can take a favorable position and wait until they become smaller. The choice is yours – everyone has their own



In Call of duty game, players have a huge amount of weapons available. Some weapons are common, others are extremely rare, found only in airdrops, for example. And each of us, for sure, thought about the question: “And what kind of weapon in Call of duty is the coolest?”. Well, it’s clear that the M24 is the deadliest weapon that can be carried out with a single shot. But we are interested in the big picture. Not the characteristics of a weapon, but its effectiveness. And the effectiveness is determined simply – by the effectiveness of the players who use this or that gun.

As if, no one did research on this topic until the GOSU.AI portal analyzed one hundred matches. Based on the results of statistics collection, an infographic was compiled for the gaming community. In this infographic, the authors of the study showed statistics of the five coolest Call of duty guns. In the first place, the M416 was expectedly placed. The second, third, fourth and fifth places were taken by assault rifles – G36C, QBZ-95, AKM and SCAR-L.



Do you know what annoys me the most about playing a team game on a Sanhok map? And the fact that all the players roam to the camps, alpha camp or launch camp. Well, or in ruins – those who are more thoughtful. And then they die quickly and ingloriously. Half or even more players die within the first fifteen minutes. Sad but true. Even assuming that some of these players are bots

With all this, on the Sanuk map there are just a lot of places for lutany – for solo – Bhan location. This is some kind of elven sanctuary in the forest. For a duo, a cave is suitable. Well, for a squad of four players – saltworks or quarries. And these are not all locations in which it is worth landing. No, EPT, everyone rushed to the launch camp and two minutes later in the lobby. In short, if you want to increase your chances of survival, land in places in which competition at the initial stage of the game will be minimal. One of these places is the town of Sahmee.

Sahmee is a large city full of houses and located in the south southwest part of the map. There is enough loot in the city for a team of four. Plus, the city is on the edge of the map and not many players land in this location.
It’s easy to get hold of the loot in Sahmee. each house has one or two rifles and a pack of cartridges. Finding armor is more difficult, but possible. The main thing is that your team landed in the city first. Or the only one – then your chances of getting into the top will increase dramatically.


During the game, you have repeatedly watched Air Drop fall, but not knowing the distance to the touchdown point, you did not dare to pick it up. Red Dot will help to solve this problem. He will be able to help determine the approximate time and distance to the desired red container.

When falling from an airplane, the container lands approximately 50 seconds later. During this time, you will be able to master 300 meters on foot. So, provided that Air Drop lands at a distance of no more than three hundred meters from your location, it is possible to run to the container even before it falls. If it is possible to travel by transport, it is realistic to drive about 1.1 km during the fall. You can determine the distance to the point of incidence using one trick.

This action requires the Red Dot scope. It is necessary to point the red dot from the sight to the middle of the fallen container and hold down the Shift key on the keyboard. Find out the approximate distance to it will help the following parameters:

  • f the red dot from the sight covers approximately one third of the container, approximately 200 meters to it.
  • If it’s one fourth, it’s about 300 meters away from you.
  • The sight covers half the object, 400 meters to it.
  • And when the red dot overlaps the entire container, the distance to it is more than 700 meters.

Thus, the larger the area covered by the red dot from the sight, the greater the distance to it. And vice versa, the smaller the circle of a point on the box, the less distance there is to it.

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