What is Naruto?

Naruto” is a Japanese anime series about ninja and magic. The series is named after the main character, it is his name is Naruto. It is very popular among children and adolescents, especially boys. The series tells about the difficult fate of the protagonist, about his friends and enemies, study and fighting (probably because of the fighting the boys love him). Once I honestly tried to watch the original series, and after the twentieth series, when one of the fights lasted for seven or eight episodes, I abandoned it forever. After the first “Steel Alchemist”, “Trinity Blood” and Helsing, “Naruto” seemed to me: 1) incredibly long; 2) frankly naive and dull; 3) containing too many some meaningless fights and pathos. It’s worth noting that this series seeks to break the Santa Barbara record by the number of episodes if you haven’t beat him already. And since the series is a film adaptation of the original manga (Japanese comics), and lags far behind it, and the manga does not think of completing its releases, there are still many episodes of this ninja opera waiting for us.

Who voiced Naruto?

he art of scoring is a very complex, but quite an important process because the voice characterizes a person from many sides. Surely everyone remembers the famous anime with the main protagonist Naruto, who had a hoarse, but very sonorous timbre voice. So who voiced Naruto and still does it? Profession Those who engage in dubbing are called “seiyu” in Japanese culture, which means “voice actor”. Unlike other countries where television and theater artists are invited to voice acting, Japan takes this more seriously. For the state, seiyu is a very respected and prestigious job.

In the country, there are courses at which future professionals are trained in voicing various heroes: by gender, age, character and other personal qualities of the characters. Sometimes seiyuu perform musical compositions for anime openings, either at the beginning or at the end.

Who is voicing Naruto?

This profession requires professional skills, as well as the talent to transform your voice into completely different personalities. One of such gifted seiyuu was Junko Takeuchi, who is Naruto’s beloved by all.


Her first work was the voice acting of the character Kamatari from the anime “Tramp Kenshin” back in 1996. Behind her, she has a whole list of voiced heroes, but her main merit is the voicing of an animated kid – Naruto Uzumaki. According to Takeuchi herself, the girl was not originally going to seriously engage in this profession. Since childhood, she dreamed of a ballerina career. While working in the theater, Junko was simultaneously engaged in dubbing, in the end, she plunged into this activity headlong. People often wonder when they find out who voiced Naruto. How high the level of Seiyu professionalism should be since many still cannot believe that the voice of this hero belongs to the girl.

In 2002, the first episodes of the legendary anime were released. The main character immediately struck everyone with his charisma and his hooligan behavior. Despite the huge graphic work of artists, the character’s image would not have been complete without the one who voiced Naruto in Japanese.


The first chapter of Naruto appears

The first chapter of the manga appeared in 1999. Released by its Japanese publisher Shueisha. To date, 51 volumes of Naruto have been released. The manga about the noisy and restless teenage ninja continues to captivate readers and viewers. The first volume is called Naruto Uzumaki. He describes the stay of the protagonist in the Ninja Academy, the various stories in which he falls. After passing the final exams at the Academy, the main character falls into team number 7. It is led by Kakashi Hatake. Friends pass many tests and fight in fights with representatives of other teams. Towards the end of the chapter, Naruto agrees to become a disciple of Jiraiya, who is one of the main Tannins.


The strongest characters of “Naruto”

The manga author did not expect his characters to be interesting to readers and viewers for 15 years. He could not complete the work in 5 years, as his editor had expected. According to the author, this is due to the fact that the characters of “Naruto” had to live their own lives, and not as their creator would like. For those who read or watched manga, there is a list of the strongest heroes. Among the fans there are ongoing disputes about this, which do not find completion –

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki is a shinobi belonging to the Uzumaki clan of Konohagakure. He became the nine-tailed jinchūriki on the day of his birth – a fate that caused him to flee most of Konoha’s inhabitants throughout his childhood. After joining Kakashi’s team, Naruto worked hard to gain recognition for the village while pursuing his dream of becoming Hokage. In the following years, after many trials and tribulations, he became a ninja capable of being both a hero by the villagers and soon after by the rest of the world, becoming known as the hero of the hidden sheet (ノ 葉 隠れ, Konohagakure no Eiyū, literally meaning: hero of the hidden tree leaves). He quickly emerged as one of the main factors in the Shinobi World War IV victory, which allowed him to fulfill his dream and become the village’s Seventh Hokage (Nanadaime Hokage, literally meaning: Seventh Shadow of Fire).




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